The 2001 EDSA Revolution

1. In 2001 the people gathered once more in EDSA highway, but this time they asked President Joseph Estrada to resign. The people were frustrated because he was accused of plunder and yet he remained in power. The revolution was started by some top officials of the government and some politicians. They encouraged the people to join them and soon the people came. Later on, they were joined by the army.   


2. In most revolutions, a lot of people die, but EDSA Revolution 2 is different because it was bloodless; nobody died. The purpose of the revolution was to ask President Estrada to resign because the people believed that he was guilty of plunder and therefore not fit to be president. In EDSA revolution 1, the people came out to protect the revolutionaries from President Marcos. The Philippines at that time was under dictatorship and the people fought for their freedom. In EDSA 2, the Philippines was under democracy, so the people were not fighting for their freedom. The people were just unsatisfied with their president because they thought he was corrupt and inept and so they wanted to remove him from power.  

3. Because of EDSA 2, President Estrada was forced to step down. He was succeeded by his vice-president Gloria M. Arroyo. Some people thought that the nation became better and the economy improved when Arroyo became the president. Estrada’s supporters, on the other hand, were angered because they were thinking that the majority of Filipinos wanted Estrada to remain president.  

4. The revolution was not justified because the people forced a legitimate president who won the elections by a landslide to resign. It is not good to elect a president and then have a revolution if the people do not feel unsatisfied with his presidency. President Estrada was accused of plunder, but the people should have waited for the impeachment process to finish and let the law decide what to do with him. If the people decide to have a revolution every time they are unsatisfied with their president, the nation will never have stability.  

5. EDSA revolution 2 like the first EDSA revolution was bloodless. According to Brinton Crane, a revolution involves violence, but since EDSA 2 was bloodless, it cannot be considered as a real revolution. In most revolutions, the fight is between the rich and the poor, but in Edsa revolution, the people were against the president; it was not really a fight between the rich and the poor. According to Brinton Crane, people revolt because the government is ineffective and cannot effectively manage the country due to an inept leader. In EDSA 2, the people decided to oust the president because they thought he was incompetent. The revolution was also led by intellectuals.  The president was forcibly asked to resign, but not violently removed from power. Edsa revolution 2 has some differences with Brinton Crane’s anatomy of a revolution, but the purpose was the same.


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  • modernrevolutionsa

    Daniel, Block E, Feb 06.

    1. EDSA Revolution.

    2. The people wanted Estrada to resign because the people believed that he was guilty of plunder and therefore not fit to be president. This led to the revolution.

    3. Some people thought that the nation became better and the economy improved when Arroyo became the president. Estrada’s supporters, on the other hand, were angered because they were thinking that the majority of Filipinos wanted Estrada to remain president.

    4. Even though I did feel like I was there, I think that a little more fluency and confidence in the voice could’ve been added. And definitely some translations could’ve been added for the Tagalog. Other than that, great job!

    5. This is similar to the Yugoslavia revolution because the leaders of both were wanted out because of some kind of scandal. The Yugoslavian revolution was also a bloodless battle.

    Feb 6, 2008 at 7:12 pm
  • modernrevolutionsa

    Daniel Viray Block A February 8. 08

    1. The 2001 EDSA Revolution.

    2. The citizens of the Philippines made the ‘2001 EDSA Revolution’ because they thought that the president at the time, Joseph Estrada, was guilty of plunder; therefore unfit to be a president. What angered the public was that he remained in power. The people’s anger is what made the revolution happen.

    3. Because of the ‘2001 EDSA Revolution’, Joseph Estrada stepped down from his position as president. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo (GMA) moved up a position from vice president to president. Some individuals say that the government became better due to this revolt. But, some of Estrada’s supporters were angry because they believed that the majority of Filipinos liked Joseph.

    4. The podcast was great! You made me feel like I was actually in the 2001 EDSA revolution! Mostly all the information about the revolution was covered in that podcast. The music being played was a perfect feel for the revolution. Some things that you could have done better was have more emotion to the voice. It was just a little bit mono tonic. Adding expression to the voice would have made it more realistic. Also, you could have added sound effects like guns shots, etc. Because humans died in this revolution, there could have been guns shots to make it sound more like I was there. Other than that, it was an outstanding podcast!

    5. This is similar to the Russian Revolution because in both revolts, the leader (king / president) was overthrown by the majority of citizens. It is different to the Russian Revolution because before a strong ruler came to power in Russia, there were two revolutions. One to overthrow the King, and one to overthrow the provisional government. In the EDSA Revolution, only one leader was overthrown. Another difference is that Russia had a change in type of government (from Monarchy to Dictatorship) while Philippines just stayed democratic even after the revolution.

    Feb 7, 2008 at 4:53 pm
  • Jason Pesengco

    Jason Pesengco Block A Feb. 8, 2008

    Blog Review

    1.The 2001 EDSA Revolution

    2.The EDSA Revolution occurred because Joseph Estrada, former president, was corrupt. He stole a huge sum of money from his own country. The people did not want this kind of president, therefore the revolution took place in 2001.

    3.Joseph Estrada resigned. The Vice president during those days, Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, took the seat of presidency. However, things did not change because Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was found to be corrupt as well. Gloria Macapagal was also accused of vote fraud.

    4.The podcast was O.K. You could have chosen more sound effects. The music could be hardly heard. I felt like one of the people on the streets because it was realistic, the background was also explained well. It was excellent, adding Tagalog in the podcast. Other than that, the podcast was great!

    5.The Philippine revolution has a lot of similarities with the Nepal Movement. First of all, both leaders wanted to rule forever (Estrada and King Gyanendra). Both revolutions had numerous supporters who protested. One difference is that the Philippine revolution was non-violent while the Nepal movement was violent. Another difference is that Nepal was a monarchy from the start and the Philippines was a democracy on hold at the start.

    Feb 8, 2008 at 6:29 pm
  • Julia Saubier

    Julia Saubier, Block A February 9, 2008

    1. The 2001 EDSA Revolution

    2. Some causes of the 2001 EDSA revolution against Joseph Estrada, former president, are that the people thought he was guilty of plunder. Former president Estrada was also a very corrupt and inept ruler, this lead the people of the Philippines to protest.

    3. Because of this Revolution President Joseph Estrada was impeached and succeeded by, Vice President at the time Gloria Macapagal Arroyo. Some may argue that the nation and the economy has improved drastically benefiting many except those loyal to Estrada.

    4. The voice in the pod cast, specifically in the beginning laced expression, emotion and consistency. Although the idea of adding Tagalong was original and creative, in an international school where in most people do not understand the language, I think it would have been better to use English or put translations. You didn’t really feel as if you were there because of the lack of sound effects and expression in the speaker’s voice but the background music was very fitting and the overall concept of seeing the revolution in a foreigner’s eyes was genius. Overall I think this pod cast was ok, it could use a little bit of work/ improvements.

    5. The 2001 EDSA Revolution is both similar and different to The Iranian revolution of 1979. First of all, causes were similar in both revolutions and in the two revolutions the people wanted a change, seeking impeachment as a solution. Another similarity is that in both revolutions mass people protested and supported change. Differences include the fact that Iran wanted a theocratic government to emerge while the Philippines wanted their type of government to stay the same and our revolution was very violent and aggressive while this revolution was peaceful and diplomatic.

    Feb 10, 2008 at 10:45 am
  • Juri Kawada

    Juri Kawada, Block A, Feb. 10.08

    1.) The 2001 EDSA Revolution

    2.) The people in this country had asked former president Joseph Estrada to resign from his position as president. This was because they had believed former president Joseph Estrada’s act of plundering. This was the start of the 2001 EDSA Revolution.

    3.) By the time Joseph Estrada had resigned, GMA had moved from her position as vice president to president. Many thought that this made the economy of the country better, although the supporters of Joseph Estrada were in anger because they beleived that the majority of the country’s people wanted him to stay in his position.

    4.) I think that the podcast was okay. The idea of an interview with a Filipino citizen was very creative, and having that person speak in tagalog was also good. I was able to understand what you were saying, because you spoke loud and clear. Some improvements you could have made to make a better podcast were to make the background music louder, because I could hardly hear it. You could have putten more enthusiasm in your voice to make it sound more exciting, and you could have putten some translations on the tagalog because I couldn’t understand what the person was saying. But I guess the podcast was very good. Nice job!

    5.) Some similarities I found in this revolution and the Singing Revolution was that, they were both a non-violent revolution and there hadn’t been any bloodshed. But what were different in these two revolutions was that the purpose of this revolution was to make Joseph Estrada resign from his position, but on the other hand, the Singing Revolution’s purpose was to get back the countries’ freedom from the forces of Russia.

    Feb 10, 2008 at 2:51 pm
  • Dawoon Park, Block A, Feb 10. 08

    1) The 2001 EDSA Revolution

    2) The revolutions started because people wanted the former president, Joseph Estrada to resign because of his plunder. Estrada was corrupted, and took away huge amount of money. This led another EDSA movement, in 2001.

    3) Estrada was forced to resign. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, who was a vice president that time, was put in the office. Some argue the economy became better after Arroyo became a president, but she did not do her job as well because of her vote fraud and corruption.

    4) Your podcast was OK. Your voice was easy to be heard since you spoke very loud and slowly, and the idea of a citizen answering to your question in Tagalog was very creative. However, it could have been much better if there was a translation to the response of the citizen speaking in Tagalog so everyone can understand, and if the background music was a little bit louder and some more sound effects were added, it would be much more realistic. Overall, I felt like I was there because of well-chosen music and overall circumstances, but with a little more emotion in your voice, it would have been much better! Nice podcast!

    5) The 2001 EDSA Revolution has both similarities and differences to Saffron Revolution in Burma. One of the similarities is that, for both of the revolutions, religious people were mainly the ones who led the protest. Another similarity is that great number of citizens attentively supported the protest for both of the revolutions. The difference is that when the EDSA Revolution was non-violent protest, there were many casualties due to the violence from the military forces in Saffron Revolution. While 2001 EDSA Revolution was occurred to remove a president from the place, Saffron Revolution was held to bring democracy to the country.

    Feb 10, 2008 at 10:01 pm
  • Sarita Morris Block A February 11, 2008

    1. The 2001 EDSA Revolution

    2. Some causes of the 2001 EDSA revolution, is that some of the people wanted Joseph Estrada to resign, because they were frustrated, because he was accused of plunder. They also thought he was not fit to be president of the Philippines.

    3. The result of this revolution is that president Joseph Estrada was forced to step down by vice-president Gloria M. Arroyo. People had thought it was a better nation when Gloria was president. Supporters of Estrada were furious because the majority of Filipinos wanted Estrada to remain president.

    4. I think the pod cast is good, but could be improved by making the voice more dramatic, because it sounds like he is very bored of the fact that he is talking about the revolution. I liked how he used a Filipino to say it, because then it tells us that he is really in the Philippines. Also the background music fits the scene.

    5. The comparison to the revolution is studied which was the Iranian revolution, and the 2001 EDSA revolution is that people wanted the shah and President Estrada to both get out of power. Another similarity is that their causes and our causes are alike in a way. A difference that I came across is that in our revolution there were people that had died, but in theirs nobody had died.

    Feb 11, 2008 at 6:13 pm
  • Bianca Chang Block A Febuary 11, 2008

    1. 2001 Edsa Revolution

    2.This revolution took place because the former president Estrada had been stealing large amounts of money from the government. He was very corrupt and was not fit for a president. Many people did not want him in power anymore and as a result the revolution happened.

    3.After Estrada stepped down, the vice president, Gloria M. Arroyo, had taken power. Some thought that the country had improved and so had the economy, but Estrada’s supporters had thought that most of the Filipinos still wanted him in power.

    4.Your podcast is great, but your voice lacked emotion. I really felt like I was there at that time period watching what was happening in the news. The tagalog you added into the podcast is a brilliant but not many would have understood it so you should have put some translation in English. The background music was relevant to the event but adding some more sound effects would have improved the podcast. Overall, I think it was good, but you could have improved it a bit.

    5.The Edsa Revolution is similar and different to the Romanian revolution. They are different because in the Romanian revolution, many people had been killed, while in the Edsa revolution very few were killed. Also, the Romanian people overthrew a dictator of a communist country, while in the Philippines they overthrew a president of a democratic country who was inept in the job. The two revolutions are similar because both revolutions happened in the main city and the majority of the people wanted the person in power to step down.

    Feb 11, 2008 at 7:49 pm
  • Young Sun Park

    Young Sun Park, Block A, February 11, 2008

    1. The 2001 EDSA Revolution

    2. The cause of this revolution was that people wanted Joseph Estrada to go out of office. He was accused of plunder but still remained President and the people were starting to get frustrated at this corrupt leader.

    3. This result of this revolution was that Estrada stepped down. His vice-president, Gloria Arroyo, took over his position for the rest of the term. After this event Estrada supporters were left angered unhappy.

    4. I felt it was a good podcast except I didn’t feel any emotion in Jay’s voice. Also, I couldn’t understand the tagalog used in the podcast, so I felt translations would be a good suggestion.

    5. Similarities between the Saffron revolution and this revolution are that majority of the people in the respective nations are with the ideas that these revolution brings. Both revolutions use non-violent methods but this revolution resulted with no violence from the government whereas the military government of Burma used more brutal ways of quelling the Burmese protests. Also, the EDSA revolution’s purpose was to remove a President while the Saffron revolution’s purpose is to bring in a democratic government.

    Feb 11, 2008 at 7:59 pm
  • Christian Huang Block A February 11, 2008

    1. The 2001 EDSA Revolution

    2. Two causes of the 2001 EDSA revolution, were the people accused Joseph Estrada of plunder and he remained president after the people voted him to resign.

    3. In the end President Joseph Estrada was impeached and forced to step down by President Gloria M. Arroyo. At first people thought she would do a good job. Now she is not doing a good job because of her vote fraud and corruption.

    4. The pod cast was good. At first I thought about why the voice was slow and the words were cut, but then you explained you were a tourist which was a good idea to do with your accent. The Filipino voice was a good way to make the audience believe they were their. The background sound matched the event very well.

    5. Your revolution is different from mine, because your revolution is a complete revolution from the symptoms to the convalescence. My revolution is not really a complete revolution. My revolution does not contain a convalescence. Another difference is that my revolution does not contain a one person that caused the symptoms of the revolution.

    Feb 11, 2008 at 8:05 pm
  • agustin davalos

    Agustin Davalos Block A February 10, 2008

    1.) The 2001 EDSA Revolution

    2.) The revolution happened because the people of the Philippines became tired of following Marcos’s regime and because even though he was accused of plunder he still remained in power. So the people of the Philippines joined for a common cause and to march on EDSA.

    3.) The main thing that occurred because of the revolution was that even though Estrada was a really good president since the new constitution stated that a president could not rule for a long period of time Estrada had to resin in a short period of time Gloria M. Arroyo became the new president.

    4.) I didn’t feel as if I was there during the revolution. According to the Host they are currently speaking while the revolution is happening but the speaker is very calm so it seems as if he is shooting this from a studio. How are we supposed to know what the answer to the questions are if we don’t understand what the person is saying. There is this annoying sound but I guess that is not their fault.

    5.) The EDSA Revolution was similar to my revolution in the sense that the people were the ones who did most of the work and they were the ones who stood for what they believed was right and for their country.

    Feb 12, 2008 at 10:09 am
  • modernrevolutionsa

    Eun-Yeol Ma Block E Feb 12

    The 2001 EDSA happened in order to get President Estarada to resign, because he was accused of many crimes. Some officials started it and the people of citizens gathered in EDSA to support it.

    Estrada was forced to resign, and the vice president GMA became the next president. The people got rid of the corrupted president with a non-violent protest against the President.

    The Podcast was a bit awkward, because the Tagalog there couldn’t be understood. And the narration was a bit unflexible and frozen. However, it showed what was going on and the song showed the seriousness of it.

    The 2001 EDSA is similar because the it was a non-violent revolution just like the Orange REvolution.

    Feb 12, 2008 at 7:00 pm
  • modernrevolutionsa

    Nathan Huehne Block A

    1. The 2001 EDSA Revolution

    2. The EDSA revolution happened because the President Erap Estrada was accused of illegal gambling and corruption. People of the Philippines who trusted him at the beginning, then didn’t think he was fit to be the President.

    3. This resulted in Erap stepping down from his precidency. The current president today, Gloria Arroyo who at the time was vice president, then took over Erap’s position. Most Filipinos were very happy with this change, while other Erap supporters were furious.

    4. I didnt feel like i was there during the podcast, because the voice didnt have much emotion to it. It was also hard to understand at times, but it did teach me about what was happening. I thought that the background music was good though, and matched the revolution well. I found it helpful when it comes to the information given.

    5. This revolution was not similar to ours, The Cuban Revolution. This was because the EDSA revolution did not have any violence or blood. Ours however, was a violent revolution in which some people were even lead to their deaths. One similarity our revolutions had though, was that both of the leaders fled.

    Feb 13, 2008 at 10:53 pm
  • modernrevolutionsa

    -More people gathered to the EDSA Highway asking Joseph Estrada to resign. -He was accused of plunder started by the top officials.

    -Even though the president was stepped down, they want the president to return. -As soon as Arroyo took over, the economy had imrpoved.

    -I would watch the news to find out more information because I wanted to know the events that happened.

    -No comparisons to my revolution. -only the transportation system is mainly about our revolution -no dictator at all -boycotting included -African-Americans took part of the boycott -white people may be charged of under arrest

    By: Darrence Co

    Feb 14, 2008 at 3:24 pm

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    Feb 6, 2011 at 8:15 am
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