Tuesday Jan 29, 2008

Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989

What methods did the group(s) use to express their frustrations and ultimately lead to a revolution? The people of China at first held in their frustrations until the death of Secretary general Hu Yaobang, the students believed their government to be corrupted, the students wanted to end the Communist reign, and they wanted democracy, more personal freedoms. Because of Hu Yaobang’s death and the frustrations, the students gathered at Tiananmen square to mourn for Hu Yaobang and to demonstrate against the government. This was how the Chinese students held in and expressed their frustrations to the Communist government. This would ultimately lead to the Tiananmen protests. This was a bold act demonstrating against the strict and violent Communist government.    How is your revolution similar and/or different to one of the revolutions previously studied?    The similarities between People Power revolution and the Tiananmen square protests is the fact that both were demonstrated peacefully with no violence from the protesters and that both revolutions received a lot of media attention. It is different from People Power because the government reacted violently to the protesters, deaths occurred and the people failed to change the government’s policy. The protestors themselves were violent by destroying government property and by blocking roads with buses to stop the advance of Chinese soldiers. They failed to put an influence on the world, they failed to change what they hated.   What was the eventual outcome of the revolution, and did the nation/people become better due to the revolution?   The outcome of the revolution was that nothing changed in the government’s policy, people were killed. Damaged the reputation of the PRC in the West, protests continued on large scale around the country. The country became under the rule of Martial Law on May 20th. The Chinese government also equipped its police and armed forces with more adequate riot control weapons so that if a riot such as Tiananmen is to happen again, there will be fewer casualties for both sides. The European Union and the US both announced an arms embargo on China to prevent the government from committing violent acts again such as the incident at Tian Anmen Square. Also now in the country, there is a lot of censorship involving Tiananmen. As the years passed though, the people were given more personal freedoms, but not as much as the protestors at Tiananmen had fought for. Was the revolution justified? Would other methods would have worked? The revolution was not justified, the people protested nonviolently and the governments reacted violently. Eventually though the people did start destroying government property such as public buses to block the military’s path. So both sides of the conflict did not use the justified methods to solve the issue. The protestors could of simply did as the did in People Power and protect themselves by forming a human wall. The soldiers wouldn’t have dared attacked or shoot any of them, though in the real situation, the protestors did destroy government property which gave the soldiers the slightest reason to fire at the crowd. Briefly state whether or not your revolution follows Crane Brinton’s stages of revolution?   The revolution briefly follows the anatomy because the symptoms of the revolution, the problems and inequality the people face isn’t over bearing but is enough to cause anger amongst the common people. It follows the anatomy of Rising Fever because the protests start to begin and escalates. Though no new government was formed, there was a call for democracy. Phase 3, crisis, fits in because of the amount of violence that erupts when soldiers start firing upon the crowd of protestors. The revolution became fragile and was broken apart. For Convalescence, the protests still continued through the country and in Chinese communities around the world supporting the protestors, but the life in the country beings to returns to normal and several student leaders were arrested or killed after the protests. It took several years for China to resume to normal life.         "Tiananmen Square." 18:40, 15 January 2008 29 january 2008 <//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiananmen_Square>.   "Tiananmen Square." 18:40, 15 January 2008 29 january 2008 <>. 



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